BILLY skimmer 
Rigid skimmer with a floating basket assembly, replicating water level in the pond. Easy installation using the telescopic tube to ready-made lakes in the area of 40 m2. The altitude range of possible settings 30-80 cm. At least cancels appearance in the pond. Cleaning is done only empty collection basket and occasionally washing of fine sieve.
Input powerMax flow rateMax head
 - - 4500 l/h -
LOTUS skimmer 
Skimmer LOTUS with a 10m power cord is suitable for all types of garden ponds. Deprives the surface of leaves, dust and other impurities from the surrounding environment. The pump sucks water from the surface over the edges capture skimmer basket where they end all floating debris, and oxygenated water back into the lake. Skimmer automatically adjusts to a height of water level and its purity can be checked visually. Cleaning is done only emptying of collection basket and occasional washing fine sieve. Minimum depth of the pond is 45 cm.
Input powerMax flow rateMax head
 - 45 W 2000 l/hod -

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