aquarium pumps and filtrations


Submersible aquarium multipump SLIM 
The pumps are suitable for water circulation and its oxidation. It can be used for both freshwater and marine aquarium with adjustable height inlet, flow control and oxygenation. Connects to siphon filters.
Input powerMax flow rateMax head
 600 8 W 600 l/h 1 m
 1000 16 W 1000 l/h 1,3 m
 1200 22 W 1200 l/h 1,6 m
 1600 35 W 1600 l/h 2,5 m
Multifunction aquarium filter submersible pumps VICKY 
VICKY internal filters clean the water mechanically through the polyurethane foam. Design of filters does not affect the look inside the aquarium. High durability materials ensures long filter life. The device is equipped with a spray nozzle that regulates the flow of the filter and affect water level in the aquarium, it oxidizes.
Input powerMax flow rateMax head
 600 10 W 600 l/h 1,1 m
 800 16 W 1000 l/h 1,4 m
 1200 22 W 1200 l/h 2 m
Aquarium filtration DRUID 
Filtration is suitable for filtering water in aquariums and special breeding tanks. Filtration is equipped with an efficient bio-filtration, thanks to modular structure allows easy installation and cleaning. DRUID uses water sedimentation, mechanical filtration and bacteria in the bio-materials that can separate and break down harmful substances. Filtration contains an integrated UV lamp wattage 9 W.
Input powerMax flow rateMax head
 302 18 W 1000 l/h 1,4 m
 303 B s UV lampou 9 W 35 W 1400 l/h 2 m
 304 B s UV lampou 9 W 55 W 2000 l/h 2,5 m

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