pumps for fountains


Small fountain pump with 5 m cable, prefilter and nozzle. Pump is suitable for home fountains and small ponds.
Input powerMax flow rateMax head
  5 W 450 l/hod 0,95 m
MANDY 16-99 
Fountain pumps with 10m connecting cable, washable filter, two nozzles and a valve for regulating the flow of a waterfall, creek, or cascade. They are suitable for the construction of fountains in garden ponds, fountains etc.
Input powerMax flow rateMax head
 MANDY 16 16 W 1000 l/hod 1,7 m
 MANDY 45 45 W 2000 l/hod 3 m
 MANDY 70 70 W 3000 l/hod 3,5 m
 MANDY 99 100 W 5000 l/hod 4 m
IZZY floating 
Floating fountain Izzy make pleasant your view of the lake at night with fog effects and lighting with twelve LEDs. It can be used in ponds with muddy bottom. The device is supplied with a 10m power cord, a transformer at 12 V with 2 meters wiring. The pump has 45W power, facilities for the production of fog and 28.8 W LED lighting 3 W. The minimum depth of the pond is 25 cm in ponds with a muddy day, we recommend a minimum depth of 45 cm, to avoid agitation of the sediment.
Input powerMax flow rateMax head
 - 45-28,8-3 W 2000 l/hod -

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